We made it for you
Our operation started in 2019 with the creation of our first software focused on the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market.

This new software, came to help fast-food restaurants to improve their Drive-thru operation, collecting data and transforming it into relevant information, very useful for those who want to improve their operation, reduce the customer waiting time at the drive-thru and to create an even better connection with them.

We learned to understand, admire and value the passion that the hospitality segment has for the well-being of its customers, with that in mind, we decided to create UXpitality, a company focused on hospitality service.

We work daily on the creation of new features and analytics with the objective of bringing more agility, guaranteeing the quality of the services provided, improving controls, supporting internal teams and expanding managers' vision and analytical capacity so that they can improve processes and operations, increasing customer retention, revenue and profit.

We are proud to be recognized as a specialized company focused in the hospitality segment and we are very pleased to work for our clients' wishes and challenges related to the quality and good presentation of their products or services, as well to help them to build a greater, stronger and long-term connection between their customers and their brand.