The Best QSR experience
Why is important to measure
your drive-thru performance?

In today's market, good and fast customer service is essential foryour brand to be remembered and to create loyalty. For QSR this is not different.

In average 70% of sales are placed at the drive-thru

Reduce the customer waiting time help to increase the vehicle count as well the number of sales.

Make your drive-thru service faster is an additional and very important key to create a greater connection with your customers

UX QSR was designed to work
for you and your restaurant
Our platform can collect data from different timers (HME, Acrelec, others) and identify syncing,configuration or sensor problems, and our support team is ready to take care of it to guarantee thatyour data is accurate and that you have the information you need to keep improving
Our Features
Custom dashboard
Custom dashboard
Our custom dashboard, allows you to analyze what is most important for you operation
Several and tailored reports to make your analysis easier and better
We provide a proactive monitoring for syncing and sensor problems, as well for offline equipment
Goal battle
Goal battle
More than ranking stores, UX QSR rank all Supervisors and Market Managers as well
UX QSR provides integration with drive-thru timers from diferrent brands. Control all your timers in a single platform
With UX QSR you control all your
worldwide operation:
By Country
By Brand
By Economic Group
McDonald's Case
MC Donald's
Since 2019 we're helping more than 300 McDonald's stores in Brazil to improve their Drive-thru operationsand to create a greater connection with their customers